SEO Services Can Help With Facebook Advertisement

This article will explain the steps you have to take so that you can get the most out of your Facebook ads. The first thing we have to take into account when designing an ad for Facebook is to establish some objectives. These objectives that we mark a priori will determine the target audience and the action to be carried out.

What kind of objectives can we determine?

Depending on the type of response we want to provoke in the person who sees the ad, Florida SEO services objectives can be defined in 4 groups:

  • Knowledge
  • Commitment
  • Conversion
  • Audience growth

Facebook offers different advertisement options that are designed to achieve each of these goals. If you"re looking to create brand awareness and grow your fan base, it would be advisable to use SEO services from the marketplace. If you already have a considerable fan base and your goal is to achieve a greater number of likes for your publications, then the recommended option for you will be the sponsored story, in which the advertisement shows the friends of those people who They have liked your Facebook page. Take time to establish clear and achievable goals, as this will help you maximize the impact of Facebook ads.

Choose your audience carefully:

If there is something that allows you to do Facebook with great precision is to define your audience. Contrary to what many people believe, on Facebook, it is better to define a precise audience. That is, applying the popular saying “the more, the better" is not an excellent promotional policy on Facebook. Quite the contrary, the smaller your potential audience, but the better it is segmented within what we would call your target audience better.

  • Age
  • country
  • Sex
  • Interests
  • Type of connections
  • Other advanced options

Create and test different ads:

Jacksonville SEO companyThe formula for success always lies in trying different approaches. I do not know any case of online advertising where the first approach was the best in absolute terms, there may be, but I do not know. By creating and testing different ads, Jacksonville SEO company can see the performance of each of them separately and know the impact and performance they are having. Once we achieve a sufficient number of impressions so as not to make errors of appreciation, we can discard those ads that are not generating the expected impact and stay with those who are achieving it.

Select impressive and creative images:

The type of publications that most succeed on Facebook is always the photographs. The social network has quite strict rules for the use of photographs in advertisements. Then Florida SEO services will list the main aspects that you should take into account:

Visual aspects:

The maximum size of the images cannot exceed 110 * 80px. There is no specific standard for colors, but my recommendation is that you play with the contrasts. If for example you sell socks and have different colors, it is better to put a picture of some red socks than one of the gray socks. We recommend that you avoid photographs of photographic files as they rarely communicate something unique and of value.

Textual aspects:

The maximum number of characters you can put in your ads is 135. It is not mandatory that you use all the space they give you. Just worry that your ad is attractive enough for anyone to see it say “Woau!" The social network itself, recommends using the name of your company when writing your ads. In any case, the most important aspect to take into account when developing your text is to know how to communicate to your audience. SEO services know what you expect from them once they reach your Facebook page or the landing page where you have redirected them.

Keep your new audience surprised:

Many companies take the trouble to advertise on Facebook and develop a customer acquisition plan through the social network. This is fine if you can then maintain the commitment of your customers to your brand or product, but it makes no sense if afterward Jacksonville SEO company do not maintain a constant relationship with our customers and do not update the company"s Facebook wall. Doing this would be like buying a radio broadcasting equipment and never turning it on to broadcast by the slings.

Never forget that social media consists of engaging in conversations and humanizing the relationships we maintain with our clients, that should be the phrase that should be burned with fire in the mind of any community manager.

And with this, we have finished for today. If you need someone to help you with your online advertising or to manage social networks, do not hesitate to contact us.

5 Tips to be Successful in Social Media Marketing

A majority of people are using social media, but unfortunately, most companies are entirely wrong when they want to reach social media.

Many managers say “We need to have a higher presence in social media, " but unfortunately the boss rarely knows how social media work.

“Social media marketing (properly executed) is extremely effective and cost-effective way to get in touch with customers and prospects."

But just like with traditional channels like TV commercials and print ads, it"s utterly ineffective if you do not customize it to your audience, or worse if you communicate with those who are not at all in the target audience.

Here are seven simple tips for communicating through social media:

Find out how social media works

There are many tips available online if you work with social media such as Facebook read some of our suggestions here. There are lots of free tips and guides on the internet that you can start with; it"s not very complex if you take the time to educate yourself. Take two contacts with sharp persons who can train your company about the mechanisms and how to arrive.

Once you"ve learned how all social media platforms work and how to reach them, you can put a strategy on how to communicate.

Invite your customers and create a dialogue

The only way to find out what your customers want from your social media is to make a discussion with them. Use social platforms as an extension of your customer service and answer real-time questions; you will get satisfied customers and more ambassadors if you have excellent communication. More customers express their views via social media than via email by phone, try moving your old connections into social media.

If you listen to your audience, it opens the door to new opportunities. By being present in social media and talking with your followers, you can find important influencers that can be your ambassadors.

Automate your communication

There is smart automation, and there is spam. Be careful with your automation so that it is still personal, correctly done, you can keep a good print of news and information to your target audience. You do not want to spammy your audience with irrelevant information, or be all too sellable – it"s a quick and efficient way to lose all your followers. Use social media as a way to communicate with your audience and give them valuable information that gives them added value. When you do, you will receive satisfied followers that you can eventually convert to customers.

If you have a full-time employee for your social media communications, make sure they are consistent with getting content in all your social media. There are several automation systems, such as HootSuite, which offer a free training that can increase efficiency. If you plan your posts, it gives more time to respond and create engagement in your social media channels.

Create engagement with your audience

It"s one thing to fill in your social media flow with posts, but it"s another thing to engage with the audience and make them happy customers. Many people think that just putting up something in social media; you have communication, completely wrong. You have to interact with your audience and engage them by conducting a discussion. Once you post an entry, that"s when work begins with creating commitment.

By creating a commitment to your audience, you will quickly catch up with dissatisfaction or if there is something wrong with your digital marketing, so you can immediately provide solutions to dissatisfied customers and fix broken digital streams.

Choose your social channels

Few companies have the knowledge or resources to be champions of all social media. Make a thorough analysis of what your customers and prospects are and what social media are most likely to use. Better on one or two platforms and be useful, than being on multiple social media and doing it halfway.

You will get better effect if you target your efforts to one or two social media where most of your clients and prospects gather, for a dialogue with them and learning how to communicate with them.